October 29, 2016

Youth Muay Thai

Youth Muay Thai
Youth Muay Thai
Youth Muay Thai

If you or your child is between the ages of 5 & 13 you/he/she can participate in our Youth Muay Thai program.

Team Uniform (SIMT Muay Thai Shorts & SIMT Shirt), Boxing Gloves, Hand Wraps, Shin Guards, Mouth Guard, Groin Cup (Boys).

AGES 5 – 7

Tuesday – 4:30

Thursday – 4:30

Saturday – 10:30

AGES 8 – 13

Tuesday – 5:15

Thursday – 5:15

Saturday – 11:15

Staten Island Muay Thai’s Youth Muay Thai Program was specially designed and developed by our team of instructors. The program consists of 2 main components which are the fundamentals of Muay Thai and Self Defene. The program focuses on teaching kids to identify situations before they get out of hand or they are put in imminent danger. We will also teach them a solid and realistic foundation to protect themselves effectively if a situation does get out of hand.

Discipline and self-respect are always of the utmost importance. SIMT kids are taught to expect more from themselves in all aspects of their lives, from healthy eating to maintaining top grades. All while emphasizing self-reliance, good manners and respect for ones’ elders, their peers and especially themselves.

The children who pass through the program are taught rules and concepts giving them the tools to identify possible danger before it’s too late! Whether it be a bully, predator or peer pressure. Most importantly, the program teaches when and where to use those Martial Arts skills they’ll develop through our training as well as to respect and recognize those honed skills are a last resort.

The following is a breakdown of the benefits of our program.


While learning the fundamentals of Muay Thai (modified to be age appropriate), students will develop solid offensive striking as well as defensive blocking and counter-striking. They will also learn realistic and effective ways to control and protect themselves against opponents of all types and sizes; through strong defensive basics and various proven escapes or reversals of holds, grabs, shoves or other attacks which a potential bully may approach them with. All while learning to keep a cool head in tense or high pressure situations.

Our program strives to develop:

  • Healthy life choices
  • Self Confidence
  • Focus
  • Respect
  • Discipline

Our one of a kind program was designed to help kids learn logic, reason concentration, common sense, and problem solving skills through fun and active games and challenges.