January 22, 2014

Vinny Scotto

To me, there is no other sport that is as exciting and intense as Muay Thai. Between training, fighting, teaching and attending events, I’ve invested over a decade of my life into the sport.

My journey into Muay Thai began with Sanshou, a Chinese kickboxing sport similar to Muay Thai.  When I first started training, I had no intention of sparring, competing, or fighting. After training for a few months, I decided to challenge myself. I stepped into the ring and won a gold medal in an International Chinese Martial Arts competition.

I then met a pivotal person that pushed me in my Muay Thai Career. Mauricio “Jose” Caal was my trainer out of Academy of Martial Arts and Self Defense in Florida. I trained with him for several years rounding out my knowledge of Muay Thai. Caal’s love of the sport infected me.

Another step in my journey has been with The Striking Corner. Together with my training partner Eric Rivera, we started a website and podcast. The two of us have been running The Striking Corner for over a decade. We’ve interviewed some of the best in the sport including Kevin Ross, Ognjen Topic, Bryan Popejoy, Janet Todd, Iman Barlow and other top level fighters.

After living in Florida for 8 years, in 2010 I moved back to New York (Staten Island) and had difficulties finding a Muay Thai gym in the area that provided the same level of training and tradition that I was accustomed to. In 2013, I was presented with the opportunity to open up a gym of my own. It’s always been my dream so I jumped on it.

Now along with having the gym I am a certified referee with the USMF (United States Muay Thai Federation). The organization is pushing the sport towards the Olympics and hosts bouts throughout the nation and has athletes competing internationally.

As the sport grows so too does the gym and my passion. From helping brand new beginners to cornering experienced fighters I have been there to help and share my ambitions to make Muay Thai in Staten Island great.