November 15, 2018

Manny Balmes

Teaching Muay Thai helps kids make better decisions for themselves. This is important to me as I grew up constantly dealing with depression. It was difficult making good decisions when I was young, Muay Thai changed my life.

In 2014, I came across Staten Island Muay Thai. I have been training under Coach Vinny’s guidance ever since. He’s been in my corner for all of my Muay Thai bouts. As I fought, I grew more focused, self-confident, and happier.

I’ve fought locally and on Warrior’s Cup, a well-known regional promotion. My love for the sport has had me certified as a USMF (United States Muay Thai Federation) referee and judge.

Muay Thai has directly changed me in so many ways. It has exposed me to different career opportunities and allowed me to network with people from all walks of life.  I hope to pass on the lessons I’ve learned to the people that I teach.